Park Place Real Estate co-founders Evelyn and Steve Rosling said Cascade Sotheby "took it to a whole new level"
Dec 26
The sales and marketing platform made the acquisition to help agents with a more timely lead follow up — an industry-wide problem
Nov 8
Learn to listen, think on your feet and overcome shyness — all while having fun and closing deals — thanks to improv
Nov 8
The South Florida office will launch in Boca Raton in conjunction with a new development division and a PR and marketing arm
Oct 30
The most active buyers are in the Middle East, where 71 percent of high-net-worth individuals are looking to buy, according to Luxury Portfolio International's new report
Oct 17
Well-timed, heart-felt handwritten notes can lead directly to referrals and new clients
Oct 16
Following launch of first company-owned brokerage in New York City, the luxury firm heads to Colorado and Hamptons
Oct 10
Number of US millionaires soared to 32 million in 2018, according to new Coldwell Banker Global Luxury report
Oct 4
Simple tips from safety experts and agents on how to minimize risk, prepare for dangers and do the job safely
Oct 1
Nick Segal discusses why his company sold to Compass, how the integration is going and his new self-help book 'On Your Terms'
Sep 28
Luxury agents can’t just pluck a number out of the air — sometimes they need to look to other markets or tap into what fellow agents think
Sep 11
Understand the profile of the next generation of luxury homebuyers and sellers, their needs and wants, and how to cultivate and retain them
Sep 5
Extraordinary customer service and high-touch relationships can lead to a lifetime of high-end sales
Aug 20
From the Arctic Circle to Argentina, Bruce Johnson set out Aug. 1 to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network
Aug 14
With the Mendocino Complex fire expected to rage until September, agents, often affected in deeply personal ways, offer tips to stave off havoc in the weeks ahead
Aug 8
This summer, some of the country's top real estate agents are paying it forward — and loving every minute of it
Jun 21
Taking a break from your real estate business in the summer can give you new energy and ideas for the year ahead
Jun 19
Down time is the perfect time to get intimately acquainted with your real estate technology
Jun 18
The Frisco-based, 100-percent commission brokerage already has 18 offices, but now plans to spread across the country
Jun 15
Quicken Loans released its monthly Home Price Perception Index, which found that, on average, appraised values were 0.34 percent less than what homeowners estimated in May.
Jun 15