Gill's Stories
Breaking into luxury real estate without being rich
Zach and Cody Vichinsky see themselves as disrupters in the way that high-end real estate is analyzed, marketed and sold
May 25
Emerging luxury consumers are about to make their move
Those just breaking into the high-end tier seek recognition of their individuality and good storytelling from their agents
May 23
Real Safe Agent system gaining traction with associations
RSA connects agents working together in their local real estate communities via a mobile app
May 22
Infiltrating a niche community to dominate market share
A high-touch, neighborhood-centric strategy can spur growth, even when inventory's low
May 19
EXp reports 208% revenue boost in the first quarter
Growth attributed to attracting top producers and tech-based business model
May 18
What's your objection handling strategy?
Complete a quick survey to share your insights and voice your opinion
May 17
What a suspicious Bay Area fire means to local real estate
A massive team of investigators is trying to figure out if arson was involved and who did it
May 17
$1.6M in hand, startup churns out custom backyard suites
Company uses tech from the automotive and aerospace industries to design and build accessory dwelling units at scale
May 16