Kellie's Stories

A supportive mentoring relationship can help a new agent with a budding real estate career flourish with success
Dec 20
Create good habits to run your business like a business, and don’t throw manners and etiquette out the window
Jun 19
Work to build relationships and trust by asking questions
Apr 6
If you lose their trust, you've lost the transaction
Jan 3
Starting off next year on the right foot
Nov 29

In today’s ever-changing, digital marketing landscape, you have to have an online presence, or you’ll get passed by.

Oct 16

Owning a home can mean added commitment, pressure and emotional baggage for many buyers. With such a large financial investment at stake, not all buyers will actually end up closing on a deal.

Mar 30

Many new real estate agents are often thrown into the middle of the real estate ocean, left to sink or swim in a sea of competition. And many, therefore, do not have a plan or idea of where to begin when their first few listing appointments fall in their lap.

Feb 9