A simple 4-step business plan to launch a successful 2018

Starting off next year on the right foot
  • To be successful next year, you need to follow a budget, know where your business is coming from, continue your training and education, and evaluate and measure all of your efforts.

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Many real estate agents dive into their careers head-first without a solid business plan for their long-term success and growth. Real estate businesses take money, time and effort to grow and prosper. Utilizing a real estate business plan, you can organize your business goals into actionable steps that are manageable and measurable. A business plan does not have to be complex to be effective. Follow this four-step guide, and create a simple business plan for your growth and success in 2018. Step 1: Show me the money A budget is essential for any real estate agent. Inconsistent cash flow is one reason agents struggle to make it long-term in the real estate business. A budget will help you manage your cash flow and the uncertainty that comes with the real estate business -- working on commission. To create a simple budget for your real estate business, you will need to look at both your business expenses and income for the year ahead.   Expenses Start by outlinin...