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Oleg Baliuk /

Oleg Baliuk /

10. What big mistakes do sellers make? Here are five.

A girl paying at a cash register.

gpointstudio /

9. This independent broker is building her business into a “saleable” asset.

naito8 /

naito8 /

8. How do the top marketers promote their homes? Here’s a rundown.

3 essential tools that will 10X your real estate marketing
Smart landing pages, a synchronized database and automation generate results READ MORE


A woman walking a dog in the fall.

Halfpoint /

7. There are some things listing agents should never do for clients — like these.

Computer Vision

6. Facebook and Google are both using computer visioning — here’s how it will arrive to real estate.

Merydolla /

Merydolla /

5. A new domain exclusively for real estate-related professionals is accepting bids for what could be some of its most popular URLs — like, for example.

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

4. The new Galaxy S7 is an excellent phone for real estate brokers — here’s why.


Email open on a laptop computer /

3. Scammers are stealing buyers’ closing money by hacking agents’ and other email accounts, monitoring transactions and sending fake wire instructions at critical moments in the transaction process.

Kzenon /

Kzenon /

2. How do you know if a downturn is coming to your area? New ZIP-code-specific data will tell you.

A police siren.

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1. A new RealtyTrac report discloses criminal activity in different ZIP codes.