You got your AMP in my Upstream!

The industry's feedback on the developments
  • Upstream and AMP are separate, unique initiatives -- the technology driving them is being built by RPR.
  • Conspiracies and "hall talk" benefit from the confusion on these projects.
  • MLSs aren't going anywhere, but the technology surrounding them is rapidly changing and defining loyalties.

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There continues to be confusion about Upstream and AMP (Advanced Multilist Platform). They are two separate projects. They are not dependent upon each other. Allow me to explain. Upstream is a surface service for brokers Upstream creates a single broker-owned database where brokers add and edit their listings. This database can efficiently and accurately deliver each broker's data to whomever the broker approves, including multiple MLSs, portals, franchisors, vendors and so on. Upstream delivers the broker’s data to the MLS. It does not negate the broker’s relationship with the MLS for cooperation and compensation. AMP is deep-water MLS geekery AMP is software that works in the guts of the MLS and allows more choices and options to improve services. Without diving into the uber-nerd mechanics, we can be clear that it is different than Upstream. Just know that AMP is an MLS tool. It can make MLSs more efficient and valuable, a long-term benefit for brokers. RPR: The ca...