Tech talk: Agentdesks, Mapme show off fancy updates

Mobile-first CRM and slick mapping tool just announced new features -- and we've got the details
  • Agentdesks is small but mighty, and has boosted its strength with some app enhancements. Mapme received criticism on its ease-of-use, but a new version appears to address those concerns.
  • Enabling agent-to-agent and team communication will lead to bigger, better things for residential real estate.
  • Maps are a popular browsing choice for home shoppers and can be built to provide much more than an address.

A mobile-first CRM and slick mapping tool just announced new features. Agentdesks amped up its horsepower thanks to a 3-million-dollar cash infusion and the fuel to change the way agents work with one another, while Mapme just got a little smoother. We’ve got all the details here.