How to crush local content marketing with help from the local news

Catch the attention of local journalists, and spread the love
  • Local authority links can put you on the map in a hurry.
  • Combine unique data and research to come up with an interesting angle.
  • Link out from your content marketing pages to your other web pages to spread the link juice around and increase organic rankings.

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Getting a shout-out from local news would be a huge win for your real estate business, but a lot of agents have trouble cracking the code and getting on the radar of local journalists. The fact is, local content marketing can deliver the best ROI of any other marketing effort, and it can be done for very cheap or free. Let’s dive into the benefits of local content marketing, what type of content journalists love, how to pitch and how to maximize the benefits of your hard-earned links. Why links from local sources are powerful Local news sites have a super high domain authority and page authority. Domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) are metrics developed by web marketing software company Moz to measure the trust and authority that Google has in the website. These metrics have become industry standards and are useful when evaluating a site. The higher the DA and PA, the more likely the site is to rank in Google. Links from sites with a high PA and DA pass a ...