6 components of a cohesive content marketing strategy

How to reach and nurture potential clients
  • Effective content marketing uses multiple strategies at the same time.
  • Each piece of your strategy moves people from the lead stage to the closed client stage.
  • Understanding how different pieces of marketing work together means that you’ll always have content for your clients, wherever they are in your sales pipeline.

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Today’s homebuyers place a lot of importance on being able to know, like and trust the people they work with. And there are few better ways to build a trusting relationship with a potential client than with content marketing. But when you start researching how to implement your own content marketing strategy, you’ll probably quickly get overwhelmed with all the advice out there. Should you focus on optimizing your website, writing blog posts, creating enticing offers, building a strong email list, posting to social media or designing social media ads? The truth is that a cohesive content marketing strategy involves all these types of content. Each piece helps to move people through their journey from lead to closed client. By understanding how each type of content leads a client through their real estate journey, you’ll have the tools to craft a strategy that works for your business. You’ll no longer be using the spaghetti approach (just trying something, hoping that i...