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Direct mail gets the royal internet treatment with RealMailers

  • Traditional marketing efforts should be blended with today's web-based tactics to ensure a comprehensive marketing message.
  • RealMailers helps agents build lists and send custom postcards.
  • Future plans for the software include an IDX integration to pre-populate card data.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. RealMailers is an automated direct mail design and campaign management tool for real estate agents. Platform(s): Browser-based Ideal for: Smaller agencies and teams Top selling points Ease of use Map-based filtering and creation of mail list Contemporary templates Top concerns Limited design templates There are more powerful data aggregation tools available What you should know Direct mail is an effective way to market to new customers and keep in touch with previous buyers. It gets lost in our quest for CRM-driven drip campaigns and social media content. I'm fan of it all, but traditional means of marketing still resonate, a fact on which the team behind RealMailers is willing to stake their company. The Manhattan-based firm has launched a sharp, fast way to create and execute direct mail campaigns. Direct mail is still an effective...