Certified Proof of Funds
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Tech-driven ‘Certified Proof of Funds’ helps clients show you the money

Software prevents buyers from sharing unnecessary financial information with encrypted certificate
  • There is significant risk when agents handle and store clients' financial information.
  • Many cash and luxury buyers prefer to reveal as little financial data as possible.
  • Certified Proof of Funds is mobile-optimized software that offers a secure, simple way for an agent's client to demonstrate economic prowess without sacrificing privacy.
Certified Proof of Funds
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Certified Proof of Funds is software for non-biased third-party verification of a buyer's financial position. Platform(s): Browser-based; mobile-optimized Ideal for: All real estate agents (especially luxury and investment property agents) cash buyers Top selling points Connects directly with a user's bank accounts Integrates with zipForms for purchase contracts Eliminates bank bias Top concerns Earning its trust from clients and other transaction buyers What you should know A real estate buyer's financial viability is crucial to a smooth transaction. However, bank letters are weak, can be easily faked -- and they're also biased. Plus, luxury homebuyers and investors aren't fans of having to prove themselves to access a listing or receive financial reports. Certified Proof of Funds is a secure, simple way for a client to demonstrat...