What qualities define today’s best agents?

  • There are universal characteristics exhibited by the best agents in today’s market.
  • These indisputable qualities can take an agent from average to excellent.
  • If real estate is truly a people business, you must do everything in your power to establish meaningful relationships.

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The perfect real estate agent, while often replicated, is never duplicated. If for nothing else, the attributes that make up today’s best agents are more subjective than anything else. What makes a perfect real estate agent is no more cut and dried than political orientations or one’s inclination toward a favorite food; these things are inherently subjective. Truth be told, today’s best agents represent both ends of the spectrum, and everywhere in between. Perhaps that’s why so many people are drawn to the industry; it allows you to experience success in more ways than one -- and on your own terms. Droves of real estate agents have realized unparalleled success through their own methods; so who am I to say what makes a perfect real estate agent? However, I am convinced that today’s best real estate agents share several universal qualities, in addition to the rest of their arsenal. These qualities, which I will outline below, are entirely capable of making a goo...