Podcast: Supercharge the results from your CRM

Melissa Zavala gives her top tips for productivity

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This week, we are pleased to have Melissa Zavala, a leading national speaker as well as the broker owner of Broadpoint Properties in Escondido, California. She is also the author of the Pipeline Planner that helps real estate agents not only track their sales but also allows them to increase their results from their digital CRM. [audio mp3=""] Here’s what she will be covering on today’s show: How to maximize your results by using a digital CRM (client relationship management) program coupled with a paper planner. Strategies for creating a more dollar-productive week. The reason you must work in your business as well as on your business. Journaling -- an entirely new way to keep your business strong by tracking your personal best strategies. How thought-provoking questions can drive your business forward. Bernice Ross, CEO of, is a national speaker, autho...