How one broker turns credit-damaged prospects into first-time buyers

Houston-based leader rolls up his sleeves to help leads qualify
  • founder Cory Kammerdiener set up his corporate brokerage in 2010 and specializes in first-time (and low credit score) buyers and sellers.
  • offers 11 programs to help buyers and sellers with the home transaction process.
  • The brokerage allied with a bank to create its own exclusive secured credit card to assist consumers in building positive credit histories.
  • The company is launching its own real estate franchise in the next 24 months.

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After 12 years in the U.S. Navy, Cory Kammerdiener went into recruiting. He helped ex-military personnel find employment and watched as large corporations shed hundreds and thousands of workers. “When the economy crashed, companies were laying off people who I helped get positions, people with master’s in engineering who did not know where their next paycheck was coming from,” he said. Brokers set up their own companies for a number of reasons -- Kammerdiener’s experience feeling the weight of the economic downturn sparked his trajectory toward this path, and continues to shape how he trains real estate agents and works with real estate consumers on their finances. His firm, New Home Programs, specializes in first-time homebuyers and sellers and offers a unique secured credit card for assisting prospective buyers with establishing and rebuilding their credit. “I teach agents never to tell a person to go and find a mortgage -- we run the credit score, and say, thes...