Podcast: How to increase your emotional resilience

Kim Ades on integrating your thinking and belief systems

This week, we are pleased to have Kim Ades, the founder and president of Frame of Mind Coaching. Ades joins us for a lively session called, “How to increase your emotional resilience.” [audio mp3=""] Here’s what she covers: How to stop struggling and bounce back into action by integrating your thinking and belief systems. How changing your story can change your life and your business. Accountability coaching -- unethical at best and extremely detrimental at worst? The reason accountability coaching creates dependency and might actually harm your long-term results. The secret to success -- know your big “why.” Bernice Ross, CEO of, is a national speaker, author and trainer with over 1,000 published articles and two best-selling real estate books. Learn about her training programs at and www.RealEstateCoach.c...