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Does MyPropertyOffice give agents and brokers home search power?

Relationship with San Francisco Association of Realtors helped launch the platform aimed at streamlining real estate business
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  • MyPropertyOffice's listing updates are reportedly faster than Redfin and Zillow, according to company representatives.
  • The solution's interface is attractive, intuitive and does its part to make a home shopper want to stick to it, using color coding and smartly organized property visuals that mimic MLS data points.
  • The company launched the product with the San Francisco Association of Realtors, while other market partnerships are in development. A custom agent website is created upon account setup.

MyPropertyOffice is an elegantly designed productivity tool for agents and brokers currently in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, where its first MLS partnership hatched. Based on what I saw, there’s no reason why its future market partnerships won’t be equally successful. Updates to any of the listings are disseminated up to 30 minutes faster than they are on Redfin and Zillow, according to the company’s representatives.