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Newbie real estate CRM Chime rolls out 6 features to corral leads

Chime is moving fast to meet the needs of tech-driven agencies
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  • Chime is a lead generation and CRM system that launched in August for larger firms and tech-savvy teams.
  • Features that weren't quite ready by the debut are now ready to roll and focus heavily on the way agents and teams manage leads.

When it comes to buying software, agents want to know if it will generate more leads. Then they want it to help them manage those leads. Everything else is somewhat ancillary.

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When it comes to buying software, real estate agents want to know if it will generate more leads. Then they want it to help them manage those leads. Everything else is somewhat ancillary.

While I tend to believe you need a business structure in place before you can manage a lead, what I see from the industry continues to pry me away from that reality, albeit reluctantly.

Chime, initially launched in August (and reviewed in September) is somewhat restoring my faith, however, as it manages to deftly oversee leads and help streamline an agent’s business.

The company recently rolled out some updates after only a few months of user feedback.

1. Auto drip

Users can create parameters for new leads that will trigger an automated response via text or email. Leads can be tightly defined and put into a drip campaign based on source or team assignment.

2. Lead routing

This capability was made more granular to assign leads based on type, an agent’s average response time, ZIP code and homebuying budget.

3. MailChimp integration

MailChimp lists and Chime contacts can now be shared seamlessly between the two systems as needed.

4. Reporting

A renewed focus on sharing what matters is evident in Chime’s enhanced reporting dashboard.

Every stat is available at a glance, including agent response times and communication habits, lead sources, revenues, daily lead growth and team-based member performance, among other metrics.

5. Command center

The already-sharp and intuitive dashboard has some touch-ups that include a clear, numeric representation of a user’s unfinished tasks or outstanding replies. There’s also a color-coded function schema and additional tools for filtering leads, tasks and messages to prospects.

6. Open house tool

Chime now has an open house registration tool that collects names and data on visitors. Each new contact streams directly into that home’s pipeline.

All of these updates are reflected in Chime’s mobile app as well.

Chime is an everyday log-in software, ideal for big teams and tech-savvy boutiques wanting to invest in something that could provide them a leg-up on “big brand” real estate.

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