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Could the Boulevard app boost buyer’s agent sales and efficiency?

Mobile platform is designed to make lead oversight easier
  • The Boulevard app was developed to assist buyer's agents in what's most important: communicating with clients about properties.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Boulevard is an app for agents to monitor leads, schedule tours and streamline assorted business functions. Buyers and brokers use a browser-based version. Platforms: Browser-based for brokers, buyers; iOS and Android for buyer's agents Ideal for: Any size brokerage; all agents Top selling points Superb user interface Agent-focused Ease of agent-buyer interaction Top concerns Purposeful lack of features may discourage adoption What you should know Finally, an app that knows it's an app. Boulevard gives buyer's agents exactly what they need to quickly create contacts, match them with a few listings and track the relationship as it progresses from preferences to tours to contract. There's nothing weighing down the branded interface or confusing the user. It's a sharp, well-designed app intended strictly to streamline business and not d...