Agent Inbox
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Could Agent Inbox empower your MLS to improve communication?

Software adds messaging tools to any MLS so agents can talk shop in a single environment
  • Real estate business communications are spread too thin among multiple devices. Centralized data is more powerful.
  • Agent Inbox layers messaging tools over standard MLS features, offering agent members a robust way to communicate with one another about deals, open houses and clients.
  • The company estimates more than 100,000 licensees are already onboard with the platform.
Agent Inbox
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Agent Inbox is an enterprise messaging platform for MLSs (member brokers and their agents). Platforms: Browser-based; iOS, Android apps Ideal For: Any size MLS wanting to offer members advanced communication tools Top selling points Complete transaction communication Detailed team collaboration Auditable, archived conversations Internal team, brokerage communication Top concerns Cynical agent members, lack of adoption slowing growth Rating: 4/5 1 = Not ready to improve business 2 = Functional; Lacking features to better business 3 = Good; Features will appeal to some 4 = Excellent; Wide appeal, minor concerns 5 = Superior; Best of breed features What you should know Real estate agents don't have a problem talking with one another; they're just not doing it in the same venue. Agent Inbox wants to fix the industry's glaring l...