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A white-gloved hand holding a concierge bell

Robert Kneschke /

10. Technology, concierge services and agent training are what set this brokerage apart.

Joyce Sherwin /

9. It hasn’t been an awesome week for agent safety — the remains of one agent missing for months were found, and a real estate broker passed away after an accident involving her car.

Tusumaru /

8. What’s giant, hard-won and brand spanking new? The nation’s newest mega multiple listing service.

J.P. (Giuseppe) Piccinini

J.P. (Giuseppe) Piccinini

7. This broker evaluates his agents every year — and if they haven’t sold enough? Bye!

A tightrope walker between two buildings

mbolina /

6. What do buyers and sellers fear the most? Here’s a list — five fears for each.

A man's hands selecting tools

Golubovy /

5. Common problems for your real estate lead generation campaign and how to fix them.

Nagel Photography /

4. When association infighting leads to an auction of the MLS.

A weedburner burning weeds

Hennie Loef /

3. What might technology do to your commission splits? Here’s one opinion.

A woman's hand opening a door

Seksun Guntanid /

2. The Federal Housing Administration has lowered its mortgage insurance premium — good news for some buyers!

A woman opening the curtains

WAYHOME studio /

1. Consumers in Denver can sign a non-binding agreement with an upstart brokerage and get access to commission offers.

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