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Ace your listing presentations with Haiku Deck

Visually compelling presentation tool offers a worthwhile publishing alternative for those who used PointDrive
Haiku Deck
Unleash Your Presentation Power
  • This software encourages visual storytelling and has multiple publishing outlets to make listing presentations easy for agents.

Haiku Deck is an awesome web-based marketing and presentation tool with attractive, simple templates that are easily adjustable.

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Haiku Deck is a web-based marketing and presentation tool.

Platforms: Browser; iOS app
Ideal for: All agents who make listing presentations

Top selling points

  • Cloud-based and app access
  • Attractive, simple templates
  • Easy template adjustment
  • Provides image ideas based on text
  • Shareable

Top concerns

Established PowerPointers may have an issue switching from a text-heavy tool to a more visual environment.

What you should know

The perpetual effort to hone your listing presentation should include looking for more effective tools to deliver it.

Haiku Deck should be on your radar. The web-based presentation tool has an iOS companion app, best used on the iPad. However, all presentations can be viewed online and look great on any device.

The emphasis here is on visual story telling, which is always better than pushing a wall of text (bullets) in front of your prospects.

Haiku Deck accounts come with millions of royalty-free images that are suggested to you based on text you enter in the title screen.

The software asks you to choose which words should be emphasized and then offers you a broad selection of related pictures. It’s very cool. Filters can be applied, and you can save a list of favorite images, such as one of your team or a nice listing you sold.

If you’re not psyched about the look and feel after a few slides, just pull down the Fonts/Themes menu and choose a new one. The deck will change all looks and fonts instantly.

Layout changes are a quick tap away, as is a running list of private notes for you to use as you present.

Notes can also be made public when you want to share additional details with your audience. They’re hidden until you tap the slider. This is great way to prevent you from visually cluttering your slides.

Those wanting a Pro account can add video files to their decks. I couldn’t imagine an agent not wanting this level of features, as listing presentations are a pretty critical component of every marketing plan.

I’ve been wanting to find an alternative to PointDrive since I learned it was absorbed by LinkedIn some time ago. Good for it, but bad for its customers. (PointDrive was an Inman Connect Startup Alley participant in 2015.)

Haiku Deck can nestle into the web-accessible niche PointDrive left behind because it shares many of the same publishing features. Decks published online can be shared via URLs, embedded into websites and pushed to Pinterest (whoa!), Facebook and Twitter.

Agents can leverage these sharing functions to do much more than listing presentations. The content ideas and options are limited only by your marketing prowess. The company keeps a running list of inspirational presentations.

It’s also possible to save a deck as a PDF. For those who just have to stay connected to PowerPoint, Haiku Decks can be saved as such. But please don’t do this. Let the software be what it’s supposed to be: awesome.

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