Gary Gold: Why trusting your gut is critical in real estate

Learn to tap into your ‘spider sense’

Our gut is like a second brain, and it’s important in real estate to develop your ability to trust your gut.

When we conduct business, we come across people who say and do things that don’t coincide with how they actually feel. You see it in negotiations all the time.

Once you really develop that gut feeling, you’re usually right. Learn to pay attention to your intuition in situations like when a client is upset and when a deal is about to fall apart. You’ll be able to solve problems before they get out of control, and you’ll save time in the process.

Don’t push those gut feelings aside — tap into them. This is what the best real estate agents do.

The next time you have a gut feeling, act on it. As you continue doing that, you’ll create a confidence in yourself that’s unbelievable.