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Google exec gives MLS leaders a major reality check

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Jaime Casap AUSTIN -- Jaime Casap, chief education evangelist for Google, held out his smartphone. That hardware has revolutionized the real estate world and many will no doubt plunk down a cool grand to nab the latest version. But to a kid that's never known anything different, the smartphone is just the beginning. The smartphone is Generation Z's Commodore 64, Casap told attendees at the annual Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) conference today, referring to an early personal computer. "This is the worst technology that five-year-old will ever see in her life," Casap said. Today's young kids won't believe that we once had to plug our phones into the wall for hours every day, according to Casap. "Those little five-year-olds are going to become your employees, your customers. Those little five-year-olds are going to see the world completely differently than you do," he said. That new phone? It's Gen Z's Commodore 64 #CMLS2017 — tessahultz (@tessahultz...