4 open house mistakes only rookies make

Don't believe what some agents say -- these marketing events aren't a waste of time
  • When done right, open houses attract buyers and potential clients.

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Not only do open houses create opportunities for sellers to find buyers, but they also create future business opportunities for real estate agents -- when they’re done right. Despite the fact that open houses can be excellent for both sellers and their agents, many real estate rookies don’t take them seriously. After a few half-hearted attempts with open houses, rookies often claim that they’re a waste of time. Well, they are a waste of time, if you blow the opportunity. Honestly, though, there’s no excuse for wasting everyone’s time with uninspired, ineffective open houses. After all, holding an effective open house isn't rocket science; it’s simple as long as you avoid the following rookie mistakes: 1. Not selecting the right house Not every home is a good candidate for an open house. Some homes simply aren’t suited for this type of marketing. A run-down home, for instance, is definitely not an ideal candidate for an open house. Buyers likely won’t be...