How to attract quality real estate agents to your team

4 characteristics that great leaders showcase when recruiting
  • Exceptional leadership will attract quality talent by creating standards, being resilient, adapting to change and executing vision.

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Real estate team leaders all want to attract the best talent possible. History tells us that the easiest way to do that is to provide more leads, better commission splits and less required meetings. Is it really that simple? These are hot topics, but seasoned real estate agents are looking deeper into the company infrastructure and leadership to decide if it is the place to move their business. There are four leadership traits that will attract strong real estate professionals for long-term partnerships. Create standards For years we have been trapped in a sales model of the more the merrier. More agents, more leads, more sales. We can all agree that more sales are never a bad thing, but hiring more agents could be a negative when it comes to attracting quality talent. Team leaders who create standards for their agents are, actually, creating a brand within the industry. They develop thoughts around their company or team that agents will gravitate toward. Some even set th...