Kevin's Stories

Here are three great ways to get the ball rolling in the marketing department as a brand new real estate agent on the cheap
Jul 29
Agents who make building their brand the priority have the ability to compete and take control of their long-term destiny
Mar 11
Hint: Whoever builds a strong relationship first stands the best chance of winning the listing
Feb 12
If we can break out of the cycle of wanting more and enter a place of wanting better, we stand to win as an industry
Nov 26
As we navigate the myriad of challenges in our industry, we have to focus on giving clients what they want
Sep 28
The key to giving luxury clientele what they want is understanding their expectations and knowing what they are looking for in a real estate agent
Sep 13
If our intention is to create value against technology, automation and public opinion, we have to be different
Aug 21
The agent brand is the most important aspect of creating longevity in this business
Jun 25