NAR directors surprised to learn Upstream not just for Realtors

Board members say they would not have funded tech tool had they known it would be open to all brokers
  • Three NAR directors say they voted to fund Upstream in May 2015 believing the platform would be only for Realtors.
  • Both Upstream and NAR say the platform will be for all brokers regardless of Realtor status.

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Who should Upstream be for? That's the question at the heart of a discrepancy Inman has uncovered between the people paying to fund the ambitious (yet thoroughly delayed) online real estate data platform and the project's leaders. As Inman has previously reported, Upstream was conceived as an online platform that would give brokers more control over property data and associated information, letting them update it in one place on the internet and push it out to the outlets of their choosing. It remains in development 18 months after it was originally supposed to begin testing. The board of directors of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the largest industry trade group in the U.S., voted on May 16, 2015 to direct $12 million in funding to develop Upstream and a related project. Yet just recently over the last few weeks, three NAR directors told Inman they voted to fund Upstream under the presumption it would be available exclusively to Realtors -- that is, certified...