The National Association of Realtors is the industry’s best hope for protection

Largest trade org in the nation flexed its muscles on tax reform, net neutrality to preserve real estate interests

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Shame on me, I take too many jabs at the National Association of Realtors. But the fact is that NAR does some things so damn well, like influencing the laws of the real estate land. Last week, two sweeping public policy changes were up for grabs in Washington, D.C. — tax reform and net neutrality. On both of these gnarly issues, NAR was in the middle of the raucous debate, lobbying, pushing and cajoling the politicians. The powerful trade group understands too well that these two thundering policy changes will have long-lasting impacts on everyday Americans and working real estate professionals. On tax reform, while the final outcome is still a little fuzzy, NAR took careful aim at three key provisions and can declare victory. On the mortgage interest deduction, it zeroed in on retaining a total cap of $1 million on primary and secondary homes. NAR almost got that: the compromise bill sets a total cap of $750,000, or $250,000 less than the current tax code allows, for bot...