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Whether you’re with a major franchise, a small indie brokerage or an agent who would like to increase your business in 2018, there’s only one question you need to ask about the strategy you choose: “Does it increase my market share?” As Wall Street and the real estate media salivate over Compass, iBuyers and the never-ending claims that the latest whiz bang tech company will soon put agents out of business, I came to an important realization several days ago. The name of the game in real estate still comes down to two simple words -- market share. The Compass mink coat strategy for growing a real estate company It’s hard to ignore the fact that Compass just got a record-setting $450 million investment. While the press lauds its technology, its initial success seems to have resulted from using hefty signing bonuses and other perks to recruit top-producing, luxury agents. This model for growing a real estate company dates back to the 1970s when Harleigh Sandler Real...