3 simple ways to stand out in your next listing presentation

Set yourself apart from all the other agents with these easy hacks
  • To make a big impression, submit your resume, be charming and take notes.

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Real estate is all about attention. Real estate agents who earn the attention from buyers and sellers will, generally, earn more business. From banners flying behind airplanes to paying top-billed celebrities to give an endorsement, there is nothing that is off-limits when it comes to gaining attention. These big ticket methods to get noticed are great, but then what? Once you have the listing appointment and the smoke has cleared from the latest marketing campaign, how do you make yourself stand out even further? What will be the difference between you and your competition?  There are three simple, and often forgotten, details that separate a memorable listing presentation from the others. Submit your resume The listing presentation is a job interview. Put your ego aside, and treat it as such. Handing the potential client a printed copy of your updated resume is one way to leave another piece of your brand with them. If you are going to leave something in their hands, y...