Everything to know about Out East, Zillow’s new Hamptons brand

StreetEasy is behind a real estate site devoted to luxury vacation homes

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Dive into the latest Technology affecting RE, July 17, 2018

A year ago, Zillow bought the outdated listings site Hamptons Real Estate Online. This month, the company's StreetEasy branch debuted Out East, a much-improved version of the site dedicated to Hamptons real estate. The site's interface is visually refreshed, but it also takes steps to tailor the search experience to the types of renters and buyers who are perusing real estate in the Hamptons, where summer homes can go for $40,000 a month. Instead of showing properties' proximities to local schools, for example, the site emphasizes how close a home is to the farmers' market or the Hampton Jitney bus stop. With its targeted features and approach, Out East, named after the "scenic stretch of towns along the east end of Long Island," is filling a specific need in real estate. It's a model Zillow could follow for highly niche real estate markets elsewhere, although Out East probably already capitalizes on the most lucrative one. "We realized that people felt a special connecti...