10 tips for selling a home with pets

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Dog people, cat people, bird people, reptile fans -- many homeowners love pets. However, those pets can be a bit of a drawback for buyers. So if you're representing a homeowner with pets, be sure they keep these tips in mind: Check with insurance Pets can be an insurance liability. Ask your seller to contact their home insurance agent. Sellers may be surprised to discover just how much it will cost to insure themselves against their pet biting -- or even threatening -- a prospect. Even if pets don't bite, animals can be very territorial and threatening. Experiencing that firsthand will almost certainly send buyers and their agents running! Crate pets privately Some buyers and agents are afraid of all animals — even if they're non-treatening. Maybe they were bitten as children or saw The Birds at an all-too-impressionable age; whatever the reason, many prospective buyers are anxious around animals. So, at a minimum, pets must be crated somewhere private so they feel s...