4 overlooked blog resources that have unlimited hyperlocal potential

If you need blog inspiration, tap into the mega sources you already have in your toolbox

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There is no shortage of articles about ideas for real estate blog topics. In fact, Inman is a great repository of many of these articles, including here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. I've read through those articles just to make sure I am not repeating anything that's been said before, and I think I might have some good original ideas to share! These are techniques I incorporate into my own real estate blog when searching for inspiration and resources. Keep in mind, content strategy is not just about writing blog posts. There are tactics behind each one of these ideas that will help you rank better, create more relationships and position yourself as the local expert. Here are four mega resources, right in front of your nose daily, that you've probably never thought to tap into for hyperlocal blog ideas. 4 obvious blog resources you've probably never thought of Vendors Here is a really easy two-step process to both write some of your best articles and also g...