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TotalBrokerage might be the total package for running your office

TotalBrokerage supports multiple forms of real estate business management in a clean user experience and creative solutions
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  • System combines a CRM, transaction management, digital signatures and several creative functions not common to other enterprise platforms.
  • User experience is a priority throughout the software, making it similar to "the experience of using your first iPhone."

TotalBrokerage is an enterprise software solution for brokers to manage all aspects of their real estate business.

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TotalBrokerage is an enterprise software solution for brokers to manage all aspects of their real estate business.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Brokers wanting to consolidate multiple business functions in a single system.

Top selling points

  • Stripped-down user interface
  • Proprietary forms management module
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) design
  • Marketing automations

Top concerns

This is a robust, multi-functional platform that’s designed to be an everyday login. Brokers should gauge agent interest and buy-in before committing.

What you should know

TotalBrokerage was recommended to us for review by a Select subscriber. While similar emails land in my inbox weekly, a referral from tech-forward agent Larry Story tends to stand out.

This software isn’t the only brokerage management solution to include a CRM and transaction tools, but it is one of few designed by Miami-based broker  n and his best friend software developer.

What stands out immediately about TotalBrokerage is its bare-bones user interface. It uses simple fonts, clear content boxes and a minimal use of screen space. Users only interact with what they need.

However, TotalBrokerage is totally configurable.

The initial dashboard offers a series of customizable widgets that breakdown different ways to categorize contacts, and a calendar that chronicles deal tasks and events.

The left-hand menu offers access to the CRM, marketing tools, transactions, reports and setup tools.

Choosing the CRM opens up a streamlined way to keep track of people you know or want to get know better.

TotalBrokerage’s CRM does what CRMs did before offering landing pages and flyer printing: it focuses on people.

All online lead sources can reroute a contact to TotalBrokerage’s CRM, after which that lead’s information can be made more granular by a series of tabs that capture contact preferences, activity and critical dates.

Automated outreach campaigns can be created for each contact, or individual emails can be sent from within the software.

TotalBrokerage includes a robust library of standardized automated email campaigns while agents and brokers can instead choose to create original automations for office-wide access.

Users more comfortable with their Gmail or Yahoo accounts can still use them and maintain synchronization with TotalBrokerage.

The CRM’s Activity tab tracks contact interactions, which become permanently locked from editing to ensure communication authenticity and avoid losing critical data. The History tab records every click associated with that record since initial input — a nice security tracker for brokers.

All facets of the software were built from scratch; TotalBrokerage uses no third-party plugins to bolster its value. It was designed to manage a lead from acorn to oak tree.

You won’t recognize its Forms Wizard or digital signature tools, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need time to understand them. Form packages are built using a question-and-answer process that assembles mandatory disclosures and requires minimal text input to keep the deal moving.

There’s very little friction in TotalBrokerage’s transaction module. The user experience doesn’t trip itself into data input redundancy or demand too much of users to ensure addenda, people and signatures are where they’re supposed to be.

The software’s chief developer, Michael Mosseri, told me his intent was to reflect the same experience a person had when first facing an iPhone. Remember? It was as if you already knew where to begin.

A few more standout features within TotalBrokerage include deal accounting and closing reconciliation and an optional MLS report.

What you’ll get in TotalBrokerage is a powerful real estate business solution designed by a broker, but not one that was designed solely around the way he or she runs a brokerage.

Rather, it’s a solution designed to help the industry.

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