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Inman Review: Property managers have a smart, efficient partner in Leonardo247

Leonardo247 serves as a bonding agent between the known and unknown of managing multiple large apartment communities
Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive

Leonardo247 is a mobile and browser app that serves as a bonding agent between the known and unknown of managing multiple large apartment communities.

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Leonardo247 is digital asset management solution for property managers.

Platforms: Browser, iOS and Android apps
Ideal for: Apartment community property managers

Top selling points:

  • Companion mobile app
  • Daily top-10 tasks
  • Multiproperty functionality
  • Templated workflows for maintenance concerns
  • Creates comprehensive management history

Top concern:

Managers wanting an all-in-one leasing and marketing solution may want to consider alternatives, but know that this solution integrates with a number of well-known industry solutions.

What you should know

Apartment community management is as fluid as it static.

Regimented, everyday tasks sit atop an unstable, malleable foundation. Leasing agents and maintenance teams work daily to tackle figurative and literal fires, while juggling items like patio power-washing and late notices.

Yet, Leonardo247 serves as a bonding agent between the known and unknown. For example, every solution for every surprise can be recorded into template of best practices and action items. They can be saved with the emergency plans that include ways to handle everything from floods to an active shooter.

Users are offered an upfront “top 10” issues to address each day upon log-in. From there, tasks can be assigned, messages sent and documents attached.

Daily, weekly and monthly management operations are organized according to community and customized to each as well. That means properties with pools and on-site playgrounds will have lists for each, all appropriate documentation (service contracts, old contracts, insurance, permits, etc.) and each required contact.

There’s an internal “Slack-like” communications feature for both management staff, residents and vendors with permission-based categories and threads.

One very cool feature, which is patented, is an algorithm that seeks and integrates local municipal regulations for apartment communities to ensure every manager is aware of their role in abiding by them. It’s subtle — but very valuable.

I worked for a major commercial real estate company early in my career, and now, it’s a global brand. I helped in marketing for the asset management team, and never once did I attend a meeting where a Nextel phone wasn’t going off.

If you don’t recall, Nextel mobile phones employed a walkie-talkie feature that made immediate, campus-wide communications faster than Slack, and they were perfect for property management teams, as are the mobile apps for Leonardo247.

Everything in the browser app, available for both major platforms, is tightly minimized to focus on what matters for the always-mobile operations teams. It will no doubt become a staff-wide hub of interactivity.

Leoardo247’s app is also getting involved in the orchestration of COVID-19 vaccination distribution. In a separate press release, the company stated that it’s “… volunteering to give the national technology infrastructure needed for the nearly 100 million Americans living in apartments, nursing homes, low-income housing and other rental properties.”

The plan will leverage its iPhone and Android mobile apps for text-distributed consent forms that when completed, will be securely stored and accessed per user upon vaccination. They’ll be providing it for their 4,000 commercial real estate clients.

Those who have been in or even around property management offices know that a lot of places are run on reactionary policy, duct tape and bailing wire. It’s not always a pretty sight.

However, property management software has been around a long time. The trick is translating the undocumented into workable business content. This is where Leonardo247 excels, as evidenced by its onboarding Greystar’s entire 2,000-property portfolio in 90 days.

There’s something much larger going on here, too. The efficiency of apartment operations is crucial to a community’s long-term value, factoring directly into how it’s positioned when time to sell. Leonardo247’s documented plans and procedures not only help strengthen risk management but play a big role in preparing a property for an institutional buyer.

Leonardo247’s due diligence suite is an ideal way to collect and organize lease data, physical upkeep information and legacy operations information when packaging multi-family properties for sale.

This is a smart, well-equipped software solution that does exactly what it promises for property management companies. It’s not over-baked or bloated, and it has no intention of getting into leasing, marketing or the outward facing components of occupancy.

I’m not surprised it’s managing more than 1 million units.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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