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Fred Meyer made a simple observation in 1931, one that would change the face of the retail world: People would rather run all their errands at one store, when given the chance, rather than drive all over town. Fred Meyer Inc. would lay the path that Wal-Mart, Target and all other “superstores” would follow.

Nov 22

Advertising can only be worth as much as the number of people able to see it. And right now, there is no better place than mobile. Every nose in a phone is constantly being bombarded by content, and most of it is coming from apps.

Oct 27

Real estate agents: Don’t fall in love with the massive amount of Facebook video views you’ve been receiving unless you understand what’s going on.

Jun 16

Everyone knows social media rule No. 1: Don’t post anything that will embarrass you in the future, and don’t appear in any compromising photos. This principle becomes especially crucial with platforms such as Instagram, where the social currency is imagery.

Mar 17

While a lender might otherwise look warily at self-employed borrowers, buyers with lower than optimal credit and individuals with low cash pools, Fannie Mae now offers options that will make mortgages feasible thanks to lower interest rates and no limits on cash gifts.

Feb 23

Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCCs) are an attractive option for homebuyers hoping to qualify for a loan in states that run the program. As the program’s tax credits can be used as qualifying income, lenders will underwrite to a higher purchase price than they would otherwise.

Dec 10

This short guide will give you a clear road map to avoid issues when using FHA financing for condos. Many of these rules also apply when putting less than 25 percent down on a condo using conventional financing for a primary residence or a 30 percent down payment on a second home.

Dec 4