Carl's Stories

A vibrant culture, unlimited growth opportunities, dynamic leadership, superior support and a sound financial package should all be in place so you can become all you were made to be
May 4
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write an offer that does not need to be countered or corrected. These 7 elements will increase your buyer's chance of winning out, even over cash offers
Apr 26
Innovations in technology have already changed buyer behavior over the years. Find out how driverless vehicles may (or may not) continue the shift
Apr 8
Is your seller receiving a high number of multiple offers? Here's how to ensure sellers are satisfied that they got the best price and terms possible
Apr 6
From testing the market to outrageous expectations, today's sellers may have a host of objections to the price you're proposing for their potential listing. These seven scripts are designed to help you counter their arguments
Mar 18
Here's how to make sure you respond to inquiries before your competition does
Mar 9
Fortitude may be an old-fashioned word, but it has never been more relevant as we sail through a pandemic, shifting markets and a world full of uncertainty
Feb 17
Prudence includes discipline, effective management, and solid risk assessment. Running a business this way just makes sense
Feb 9