Elizabeth Ann's Stories

Women make up 67% of the Realtor workforce across the United States, according to NAR. You'd never know it watching ‘MDLNY’ Season 8, or any other season for that matter
Jun 27
Real estate professionals could be caught in legal crossfire through higher taxes and commission caps
Mar 15
As an industry, we need to pause and take stock of what good real estate marketing really is
Dec 20
Focusing on big tech can sour deals, but marrying data with emotional intelligence is the best way to serve your clients
Aug 22
Historically, the real estate industry has been — and continues to be — a bellwether for socio-political change
Jun 6
All work and no play is really, really, really dull
Apr 10
Agents risk losing sight of exploring and re-exploring the markets they know
Aug 8
Being a real estate professional didn't spare me from the emotional rollercoaster ride
Jun 2