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Home's potential may be more apparent by decluttering, depersonalizing
Jul 21

The other day, I got a call from a potential seller. She left me a voicemail asking if I would call her to help her list her home, but then she said, “But I see that you are not with a local company, so you might not be a good fit.”

Jul 5

Sellers ask me from time to time how many appraisal issues I see that might cause a deal to go awry. My response is always that I see more sales killed from due diligence than I do from a low appraisal. I recently worked on an interesting sale. The buyer on one of my listings had the home inspection.

Sep 28

If you list homes for sale, eventually you will get a question from a seller regarding what can be done to motivate an offer outside of a price change. This article is the second part of my recommendations on variables to look at before examining a new price.

Sep 11

Over the weekend, I had a request from a client about what we could do to try to move her home. As she put it, what levers could we pull that might generate a quicker sale or another offer?

Sep 10

In comments to a recent post on home inspections, local Realtor peer and Inman voice Hank Miller said, “Agents need to be the reality check, not a bobble head for the buyer. Safety and code issues along with major obvious deferred maintenance issues are usually appropriate, (but what about) typical deferred maintenance? Account for that in the offer price. An inspection isn’t intended to be a second round of price negotiation.”

Jun 19

Many homebuyers have become overwhelmed by all the questions to ask before jumping into homeownership — especially first-time buyers and those who have stayed put since the recession. Questions arise such as, “Am I ready? Is this a good investment for me? Can I afford it?” Perhaps the biggest concern is how to pay for such a large purchase.

Jun 2

Recently I received an email from a client of mine. She had decided to let her listing expire from the market. Oh, we had several offers, but it boiled down to a case of not wanting to move badly enough to make a change.

May 28