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Watch or listen to today’s Connect Now episode to hear the viewpoint from three successful working mothers and how they continue to thrive. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek.
Jul 14
If you are ready to elevate your path to success, support your community, and create a safe space for yourself and others as we navigate an ever-changing market — join us for this conversation.
Jul 12
This week, we asked for all of the glamorous details about the priciest real estate transaction of your career
Jul 12
This week, we asked for your views on the bombshell buyer's agent lawsuits. You had thoughts
Jul 6
This month, Inman looks at luxury real estate to develop a working definition and determine how to differentiate services for discerning luxury clients
Jul 1
This week, we asked: How have the past couple of years redefined the luxury market and changed what it takes to be a luxury agent? Here are your responses
Jun 29
This week, we wanted to know: What adjustments are you making to business as usual to meet the demands of a shifting market?
Jun 22
Inman has created a Talent Pass that gives newly jobless real estate pros free access to the upcoming Inman Connect Las Vegas
Jun 21