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I am writing this in reference to your recent post on Facebook/Instagram about the new changes at StreetEasy/Zillow. Before I get started though, I have to preface this whole note with the fact that I respect you a lot.

Mar 10

If you’ve been using Facebook over the past year or so, you’ve started to see the rise of the 360 videos. The 360 degree videos are shot using a 360 video camera (most popularly, the Ricoh Theta S) and selecting the special checkbox when uploading to Facebook.

Aug 11
Concentrate your marketing efforts and budget in these areas
Feb 10

Inman Connect New York 2016 has come and gone (tear), and unless we see you in San Francisco, it’ll be a longer than usual wait (it’s a leap year) until ICNY 2017. Here are three keys to keeping your #ICNY 2016 memory alive.

Feb 1

So you’ve just passed your real estate salesperson’s test. Congratulations! You’ve got a few upcoming decisions that might define your entire career, so pay close attention.

Apr 9

When I talk with Realtors in my local market here in San Diego, I always like to check in on which social networks that they like to use. Facebook is far and away the dominating force, and it’s easy to understand why.

Feb 19

Our clients now have access to more information than ever before. We are no longer the gatekeepers to protected information. And I feel like we are spending a lot of time fighting against this changing environment when we should be embracing it.

Jan 30