Jeff's Stories
How a DBA experiment became a real estate test kitchen
A well-defined sales area with solid communication platforms laid groundwork for experimentation
Dec 27
Real estate, reimagined: What the future of the industry holds
Consumers want an industry where they, not the agent or the brokerage, are responsible for setting rules of engagement
Dec 21
The rise of the 'little-r' realtor
A snapshot of Atlanta’s market from a licensing perspective
Nov 10
Want to see the brokerage of the future? Think soap
Agents should take a page from P&G's book
Jun 29
An experiment in branding: the power of a name
How one idea branded a city
Mar 24
The state of the McMansion in 2042
A fictionalized look back from the future at today's functionally obsolete homes
Mar 11
Lose the commission cutting battle to win the condo HOA war
Focus on branding and long-term sustainability
Dec 8
Opinion: Are false narratives the industry's third rail?
If something is said often enough it's true, right?
Oct 23