Marion's Stories

Extending guidance to other women is what helps build them into successful leaders. Here's why female mentorship for brokerages and teams is so important
Jun 25
To be successful for the long haul, you need to build systems and habits that strengthen and sustain your team
Jun 24
Think branding is just logos and pretty pictures? It goes deeper than that — and if it doesn’t, it should. Focus on these areas to ensure your brand is a true reflection of your real estate business
Apr 29
Forget business as usual. Get in touch with the realities of the present moment to develop deeper relationships with your team and your clients
Apr 23
By optimizing day-to-day operations and eliminating redundancies, brokerage and team leaders can create a more efficient company and increase profits. Here's how to get started
Apr 21
Instead of focusing on external factors and symptoms of greater problems, leaders should turn their attention to the things within their control. Here's how
Mar 15
Follow these proven practices to create a team culture that attracts — and retains — successful agents and employees
Feb 25
By fostering an environment that allows everyone to be their best selves — staffers who genuinely want to do meaningful work, combined with happy agents who have what they need to succeed — you’ll create a win-win situation. Here's why
Jan 14