Marvin's Stories

How long has it been since you updated your closing disclosure form? Here is a page-by-page breakdown of what you should review, verify, understand and inform clients about
Apr 1
In this third and final part of the series on digital transactions, we will move past search and showings and onto the signing and closing process. Here are the main types of digital signings (and their perks) to know
Feb 26
In this second part of a multipart series on digital transactions and new technologies, we're focusing on the all-virtual tools that will make your remote showings a breeze instead of a 'can you hear me now' moment
Feb 25
In this multipart series, you'll learn about digital transactions from end to end and examine new technologies that can enhance the process. First up? Solutions that keep digital inquiries on the digital path
Feb 24
The real estate technology field has seen explosive growth in the past three years, and there is no end in sight as brokerages, vendors, startups and VCs continue to fuel innovation
Jul 27
Remember the I’s to kill it at the big show
Jan 18