Randall's Stories

Property management is often the Neanderthal of real estate technology, still depending largely on manual processes and incredibly expensive human capital. It’s a highly fragmented industry, often using the same approach for rentals that it did 40 years ago.

Oct 7

Kevin Blair was paying top dollar for online mortgage leads from sources such as LendingTree and Lower My Bills. At times, these leads were costing him $10-$20 each, while delivering, at best, “mediocre results.”

Jul 28

In most markets today, well-priced homes are commonly getting multiple offers within the first few days of being on the market. What has gone largely unnoticed is how the yard sign, a core component of curbside marketing, is helping agents because IDX — and syndicated listing data — is too slow in a hot market.

May 25

It’s become a given in real estate marketing that an agent must have a virtual tour to promote every listing. Yet when looking at virtual tours of property listings posted on YouTube, it’s tough to find many that have more than a handful of views. That begs the question, “Why do agents need virtual tours when no one is looking at them?”

Apr 12

Creating real estate sales teams may be the hottest trend in real estate, but any new endeavor is likely to be fraught with new challenges and a potential mistake or two. Team development encounters additional complexities because the systems, processes and strategies that might have worked for an individual real estate agent can fall flat on its face once migrated to a team.

Jan 12

A lesser-known feature on YouTube, which is owned by Google, can make home-video tours stand out from the competition and allow real estate agents to wow their clients, but only if the video tours are narrated.

Dec 7

Recent developments have cemented the fact that a mobile-first” strategy for real estate is a business edict — not an option. Mobile-first is effectively the mobile experience from a brokerage or agent’s primary website.

Nov 5