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Tenants can become short-term rental hosts for as much as half of the year under a new approach that connects renters with buildings that allow Airbnbs
Nov 30
The gap between buying a home and renting one has widened since 2020, 'The Wall Street Journal' reports. It now costs $3,058 a month to buy an entry-level home
Nov 29
The slowdown was most dramatic in COVID boomtowns like Las Vegas and Phoenix, according to a new analysis Tuesday by Redfin, which examined real estate investment activity in 40 metros
Nov 22
A new Zillow report finds renters making average wages need to work 63 hours to cover rent compared to 2 years ago, highlighting a widening gap between rent growth and wage growth
Nov 21
The fall from 7.08% to 6.6% would save buyers approximately $100 a month on a median priced home, according to a report released Thursday from Redfin
Nov 18
Rhino announces it will acquire Deposify to create the 'first end-to-end deposit management and compliance platform for the rental industry'
Nov 17
Weeks after the banking giant unveiled a new property management system for rentals, JPMorgan announced it's investing in a $1B single-family built-for-rent venture
Nov 17
Opendoor Director of Strategic Partnership William Holmes said at Connect Now on Thursday that sellers are increasingly requesting offers from the iBuyer after listings hit the market
Nov 17