Troy's Stories

Find out how spending some time reaching into the past can help create a more successful future for your business
Nov 29
It’s time to trade in those sweats for 'real' clothes. But what constitutes professional attire now?
Nov 19
The best part of a Thanksgiving giveaway is that it gives you an opportunity to express your gratitude for your clients — both past and present. Here's why this broker thinks pie is always the answer to the relationship-building equation
Nov 12
Finding the perfect name for your real estate team or brokerage is essential to success — and it's become an especially important topic of discussion after yet another state law recently passed that impacts team names and branding
Sep 16
As real estate professionals, we should be finding ways to be good neighbors to our clients and to the earth that surrounds and sustains us and our businesses. Here's what you can do to help
Aug 6
This year, as you gather for July Fourth or prepare for long-delayed vacations, take a moment to revel in the feeling of freedom we can all enjoy this summer
Jul 2
It's one thing to set goals, but those goals are pointless if they're forgotten by Q2. However, there are easy ways to help your agents keep their eyes on the prize
Feb 4
Here are a few easy ways to make self-care a daily habit — and still get the job done
Jan 31