In a shifting market, the right price is everything. Here's how to make sure you're helping your sellers crunch the numbers effectively from the get-go
by Carl Medford Today 1:50 A.M.
If you haven’t experienced a buyer’s market before, everything you know about selling real estate is about to be turned upside down. Here's how to weather a downturn and keep your business moving forward
by Bernice Ross Aug 3
Find out how to have those important conversations and provide timely information to successfully reset client expectations
by Stan Ponte Jul 25
Foreign buyers, either noncitizens living in the US or those with permanent homes outside the country, scooped up 98,600 existing homes between April 2021 and March 2022, NAR reports
by Taylor Anderson Jul 20
Make your property websites ADA compliant and fully accessible to all visually impaired Americans.  Website accessibility shows everyone that they matter and that their life’s experiences are represented
Housing from the 1960s is characterized by innovations that made residential living more convenient than ever before
by Gerard Splendore Jul 19
A shifting market differentiates those who've developed professionally and those who are just pretending. Here's the reality check that you need right now
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If sellers are getting anxious, here's how to help them feel better about their odds of a timely sale during a market shift
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As independent contractors, real estate agents are able to make choices about positioning themselves and finding the right market niche
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For too many agents, a call after the listing is sold is ignored. Instead, make it an opportunity and a springboard for adding value
by Tom Toole Jul 11
A market shift is a perfect time to revisit your communication and best practices so that you can provide the best possible client service
by Julie Busby Jul 11
Housing from the 1950s is characterized by homogeneous style and post-World War II sensibilities, affluence and family size
by Gerard Splendore Jul 11
As the market shifts, the reemergence of contingent transactions and contingency clauses can help you gauge the balance of power
by Bret Weinstein Jul 8
There are many moving parts throughout the homebuying process, and they all need to be completed successfully before your client has their keys in hand
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Of course, you'll feature that listing on the MLS, but how do you take your marketing to the next level with YouTube? Learn how to create targeted ads to get your latest listing more exposure
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Multiple lawsuits are challenging the way agents get paid. Inman asked experts what that means, and how the future of real estate might evolve as a result of changes to the commission structure
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