Most real estate professionals believe rate cuts by the Fed will be crucial for a sales recovery, according to results from the Inman Intel Index survey. But the timing on those cuts is hazy
by Chris LeBarton Feb 19
Despite ongoing commission lawsuits, agents are more concerned about the health of the real estate pie than the size of their own slice, results of the latest Inman Intel Index survey show
by Chris LeBarton Feb 7
More real estate agents believe their client shortfall has begun to stabilize, an indication of rising home demand in the new year, according to new results from the latest Inman Intel Index survey
by Chris LeBarton Jan 31
Shant Banosian of Guaranteed Rate told Inman Connect New York attendees Thursday that a seller's market is likely to persist for years
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 25
Gael Fierro co-wrote a movie for Amazon Prime and ran a business selling cannelés before he decided to sue over the sale of his home in Los Angeles
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 22
Michael Rodriguez, director of research at Smart Growth America, said that people have been building utopias for millennia, but the best cities are the ones that gradually evolve over time
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 27
The National Association of Realtors, Keller Williams and HomeServices of America have all asked a federal judge in Illinois to rule in their favor before the Moehrl case goes to trial
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 20
The new suit is the second in Texas since the Sitzer | Burnett verdict, and is one of a growing number of antitrust cases challenging the way agents get paid
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 14
Faced with rising prices and rates, buyers are increasingly counting on personal loans and gifts to close deals, according to a survey of 3,000 potential buyers conducted by Dig Insights and Inman
by Chris LeBarton Dec 5
After exceeding 8% in October, rising mortgage rates overtook 'lack of housing inventory' as the top concern for real estate agents, according to the latest monthly Inman Intel Index results.
by Chris LeBarton Nov 21
The study by a trio of researchers analyzed hundreds of thousands of listings and found that those offering lower commissions to buyers' agents received less attention and took longer to sell
by Jim Dalrymple II Oct 18
A rally at NAR headquarters in Chicago drew few Realtors on Monday, but organizers at the NAR Accountability Project declared a win nonetheless after NAR lost its 'Great Place to Work' merit
by Taylor Anderson Sep 18
Home values are now 11.4% lower in Austin, Texas, than they were in Aug. 2022, Zillow said. Nationally, prices were up slightly from July to August, and there was a small inventory uptick
by Taylor Anderson Sep 13
Real estate agents recently revealed to Inman the most unexpected reasons they've lost deals — including a fear of snakes, hatred of Glade Plug-ins, bad vibes and, apparently, off-kilter feng shui
by Jim Dalrymple II Sep 1
Corcoran told 'Good Morning America' viewers Wednesday that she doesn't foresee prices dropping any time soon but could see them spiking once mortgage rates come down
by Ben Verde Aug 24
Unburdened by rate lock, the share of first-time homebuyers rose to 50% this year, according to a new report from Zillow. That's the highest share since 2010
by Taylor Anderson Aug 23