App is an outstanding example of just how well technology can flatten the long-manual, vexing real estate practice of finding and eventually flipping, single family properties
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 21
This software for real estate investors offers a clean, spartan user interface that focuses on only what’s needed to know about the state of small rental property business and how to react to its many variables.
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 7
Mobile or browser, Ark7 offers investors at every level a chane to buy into the real estate economy
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 9
Despite reporting its highest-ever first-quarter revenue, Vrbo parent Expedia Group reported losing $145M in the first 3 months of the year, according to an earnings call on Thursday afternoon
by Taylor Anderson May 4
Fractional and its users find investment properties, create public proposals for like-minded group members and assemble a team of investors to purchase them
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 10
‘Reducing friction was yesterday’s play,' Alpaca VC general partner Ryan Freedman told Inman in a wide-ranging interview. He stressed the need for a full suite of industry services
by Taylor Anderson Jan 25
Homeowners are bringing short-term rentals online faster than guests can book them, even as demand for short-term rentals is booming. It's presenting a new headwind for investors looking to cash in
by Taylor Anderson Sep 22
It's too soon to say whether the drop in flipper activity — which was still the second highest in two decades — is a sign of a broader slowdown
by Taylor Anderson Sep 21
Yet another report — this one by CoreLogic — shows that the rapid pace of rent increases is beginning to slow. Some of the increases occurred so quickly that they may have cooled growth
by Taylor Anderson Sep 20
Following the herd and conventional wisdom never got real estate investors anywhere. Try these tactics to score great deals on investment properties
by G. Brian Davis Sep 20
As it seeks to gain footing in the residential space, the online real estate behemoth says it plans to raise funds to keep growing as it joins an elite list of some of the nation’s biggest companies.
by Taylor Anderson Sep 15
As part of making its largest investment ever in WeWork founder’s new real estate empire, Andreessen Horowitz obtained a share in thousands of apartment units, reports say
by Taylor Anderson Sep 13
Yet another sign of a widespread housing slowdown emerged as monthly rent price acceleration declined after 20 consecutive months of rapid increases, new data suggests
by Taylor Anderson Sep 13
40% of renters report losing sleep when trying to find a place to rent after a break-neck spike in rent prices. Three-quarters said they made concessions to afford rent.
by Taylor Anderson Sep 8
Backed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the real estate investment platform is the latest fractional ownership company to enter the rapidly growing short-term rental market
by Taylor Anderson Sep 7
From renters building equity to coworking space to easy moves across the country, we take a look at some of the possibilities for Flow after the WeWork co-founder pulled in a $350M check
by Taylor Anderson Sep 6