Oceanfront apartment community changes hands in SoCal
by Inman May 24
Office tenants include Wachovia, University of Phoenix
by Inman May 24
Royalty Carpet Mills purchases 372,096 square feet
by Inman May 24
Recourse may require visit to Small Claims Court
by Rebert Bruss May 24
Sweet deals include paying all of seller's transfer taxes
by Dian Hymer May 24
Online questionnaires lead to phony promises
by Jack Guttentag May 24
Smaller rooms invite elegant entertainment
by Katherine Salant May 21
Tool keeps framing, brickwork from going awry
by Paul Bianchina May 21
5 primary reasons why buyers look elsewhere
by Rebert Bruss May 21
American economy in 'unstable' condition
by Lou Barnes May 21
How to succeed in real estate (Part 2)
by Bernice Ross May 21
Prudential Fox & Roach posted record year in 2003
by Inman May 21
Emerging industry trends revealed in Texas; real estate journalists meet in Houston
by Inman May 21
Veros, FirstAmRES to hold technology conference
by Inman May 21
Fannie Mae wants them to stop predatory lending
by Inman May 21