GeoCV blends 3D walkthroughs and drone-captured models for Halstead Real Estate, the NYC-based brokerage
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A hint of a future where you're able to purchase furniture directly within listings?
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A drone mapping software company is bringing its tech to real estate
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Homebuyers can use virtual-reality goggles to explore 85K 3-D home tours
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Pop-up boxes that can describe features of a home can now be stitched into Matterport's virtual tours
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3-D provider touts coming product as cheap alternative to Matterport
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Functional and sophisticated
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The deciding factors in making that marketing choice
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Enclave on the Eighth
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Airy sunlit home in idyllic Silicon Valley neighborhood
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Elegant executive Shapell home in vibrant California community
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Matterport's models let users peel away floors and teleport between them
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Property search sites finding ways to monetize visualizations
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